About Us

The PRES PTO is an active group of parents, teachers, and administrators from different walks of life but serving the same purpose—to better educate our children to foster their social growth and development.

What We Do

Over the past years the PTO has supported various programs at PRES such as Reading Night and Math Night. Each year the PTO raises money through fundraising efforts and the money gets put directly back into these programs to support our kids. Some of the programs the PTO supports includes:

  • Playground maintenance
  • Art Teacher Salary
  • Annual Yearbook
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Week
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Reading Night
  • And many other programs!



The PTO meets the second Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM in the media center. Attendees are invited to bring suggestions and questions to the Board at that time. We actively seek others to be engaged in the decision making process for the programs we support at PRES.

Contact Us

Please reach out to the PRES PTO at the following email address: poplarroadpto@gmail.com


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